Aptorum Therapeutics Group is currently seeking to develop various drug molecules (including projects seeking
to use extracts or derivatives from natural substances to treat diseases) and certain technologies for the treatment
and diagnosis of human disease conditions in neurology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, oncology and other disease areas.


Acticule focuses on clinical therapeutic development in infectious diseases, with major product categories include antiviral and bacteria anti-virulence candidates and they can be potentially developed into oral and injectable dosage forms. Acticule is currently establishing a Drug Discovery Center (“DDC”), which is equipped with fully automated robotic platforms for conducting high throughput screening to create a sustainable pipeline of well selected and tested drug candidates for preclinical and clinical studies


Videns focuses on large-scale strategic clinical development in neurodegenerative disease and imaging diagnosis innovation. Its current key projects include: (i) MRI-based medical imaging technology for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease; (ii) mTOR-independent activator of TFEB for autophagy enhancement and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases; and (iii) non-invasive retinal imaging for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.


Claves focuses on the clinical development in therapeutic candidates related to the field of gastroenterology. The potential candidates under review and potentially developed focus on the modulation of gut microbiota derived metabolites, for preventing or treating diseases. Claves is also exploring a gut microbiota modulation platform that can generate novel custom candidates capable of fine-tuning levels of gut metabolites, potentially treating a wide range of medical conditions.


Scipio focuses on the development of drugs and diagnostic methods in the field of oncology. Its current key project involves the development of novel anti-cancer agents from the quinoline class and molecular oncology of esophageal carcinoma.


Nativus focuses on natural health or the development of therapeutic drugs and food supplements based on extracts from natural ingredients, such as green tea, garlic and Chinese yam. Currently, Nativus focuses on women’s health and vision care, as its lead candidate deliberate the treatment of endometriosis and the alleviation of painful symptoms due to dysmenorrheal.


Aptorum Pharmaceutical Development ("APD") operates an in-house pharmaceutical development center which is now in the process of further expansion. The primary mission of APD is to facilitate the preclinical studies of our existing projects with engaging external contract research organizations that accredited cGLP, cGMP and cGCP standard in order to attain the required studies for submission to the regulatory authorities as part of the clinical development plan.


Smart-ACT stands for Accelerated Commercialization of Therapeutics and encompasses state-of-the-art technology in systematic screening of existing approved drug molecules against selected therapeutic targets. Specifically, the Smart-ACT platform comprises of a network of modules and processes that simulate the effectiveness of drug molecules against diseases for outcome prediction and selection. The Smart-ACT platform will initially focus on the screening drug molecules for orphan diseases or unmet medical needs.

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